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El Sueño de la Razón Produce Monstruos - Francisco de Goya
etching and aquatint, 1799
Really.  It is about you and me and all of us.  
      We've been sleeping soundly, lulled to slumber by good sense and good reason.  Now is the time for conversation.  Awake gently, please.
     The Dream of Reason (el Sueño de la Razón) -- the reliance on reasoning, rationality and "figuring it out" -- is like a soperific drug that has produced nightmare monsters:
  • Sleep-walking through life
  • Alienation and isolation
  • Inability to make a difference
  • The desperate hope of survival
  • Having "issues"
  • Dissatisfaction with life (or anything)
     What if everything that we've been taught, everything that we've dreamed or believed or hoped or felt, and even everything we "learned by experience," is a boldface lie?
     It's a question worth asking, and worthy of thought.
Open a question and keep inquiring
It could make all the difference in the world.
Your opportunity to support Future Directed research and creation
Consider all the soldiers external link
and civilians external link who have
been killed in the current
episode of the ongoing
Global War On Humanity

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Samantha Thomas
13 January 2009
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